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Business Alignment

I've got 1 retail order valued ~£1000 during Flash Sale in Jan.

It's rare for me and this brings me to reflect.

There are different business model.

⭐️Low ticket serving large audience.

⭐️High ticket serving small audience.

⭐️Consumable goods bring sustainable income.

⭐️Long-term coaching with big investment provides sale for 1 month and operation for 10 months.

⭐️Pre-recorded courses create passive income etc

Flash sale in Jan breaks my usual concept of selling.

In my previous business environment, I was trained as selling low-ticket to serve bigger audience.

But in this flash sale, there was 1 single order valued ~£1000 and this gave myself a bang on my head.

Business model is only a limitation if it doesn't align you.

Let's think about this.

Have you experienced that the pricing actually doesn't align you but you thought low-ticket can bring you more sales so you go on and there would be 2 possible outcomes

  1. As it's not aligned, you won't get more sales.

  2. As it's not aligned, even if you got more sales but you aren't happy and satisfied.

It is all about alignment.

What I have done recently is to let go of all the models or strategy and bring myself a completely renewal.

I only care about if it is aligned to do this.

The products I share in my flash sale are those I love and I am using.

Every enquiry and advice I gave is truly aligned to my heart and I trust you all can make your best decision at present.

To all entrepreneurs,

We just need to do whatever we align.

Gradually, you will find your model.

It could be one of those I mentioned or sth truly unique.

Model is an outcome. It is the extension of our essence but not a boundary which limits us.

Your alignment is always the key.

Your business/style is naturally developed by your alignment.

It is never the other way round.

Thanks for everyone who trust my advice so my experience and wisdom can be delivered to the right one.

This is already nourishing❤️

❤️18/2 Subconscious Cleansing Workshop for Prosperity - we are connecting our inner ear to listen to our inner truth and alignment.

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1月flash sale有同學下了近萬元的零售單







⭐️長期的大額Coaching 銷售1個月服務10個月


1月flash sale的數據打破我以往的框架


直至今個flash sale,竟然有客戶願意單一訂單下了接近一萬元的零售



  1. 因為不aligned,你會發現低價同樣沒多了單

  2. 因為不aligned,就算有多100張單,但你不快樂滿足

It is all about alignment.



1月的flash sale,我分享的每個產品都是我喜歡,都是自己親身體驗過









Your alignment is always the key.

Your business/style is developed by your alignment.

It is never the other way round.


This is very nourishing❤️

❤️18/2 Subconscious Cleansing Workshop for Prosperity 我們會做做打開你的inner ear聆聽屬於你的真實alignment

❤️Kundalini Yoga Consultation可以協助你清除對建立事業(或其他主題)的限制性信念

/Aura Soma Session - 不定期開放預約,請登記Waitlist得到第一手資訊

/Kundalini Yoga Private Class - 針對你的潛意識阻塞

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