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About Me

Hi, I am Satya!

A Kundalini Yoga teacher and Aura Soma Registered Practitioner

I am here to assist you to re-write your Subconscious Pattern through regulating your Nervous System and resolving Emotions so you can create your ideal life.

I had PCOS since I was young and I had consulted Western and Chinese doctors for years and it still couldn't heal me. After working with my subconscious by these modalities, I found out the reason lying behind this physical imbalance is my fear of pregnancy and my hidden sexual trauma so it stops my function of my ovaries so that I had lower chance to get pregnant. That's how our subconscious mind can "manifest" to our physicality and behaviours. Since then, I started working on my subconscious mind by Kundalini Yoga, Aura soma and different other modalities.

With this journey,

1. My PCOS is recovered.

2. I am having a perfect marriage from destructive relationships before.

3. I claim my power by being who I am now from the old me always proving myself by many certificates, qualifications, approval from authority etc.

4. I grow 250% income more in a year by re-writing my money beliefs from a belief of not being prosperous if I am working on spiritual work or a belief of earning more meaning greed.

5. Social Relationships and partnerships are improved by resolving the emotions of being abandoned.


These are how I have been re-writing my Subconscious Pattern and resolving emotions works on me.

I believe all of us is powerful to create ideal life.

It is just because the Subconscious Pattern is not seen so we thought we have no power to change.

But everyone of us can rely on our Willpower, Body and Breath to reconcile all the conflicts within us.

This is your Healing Power.


- Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher taught by Yogi Bhajan
- Level 3 Aura Soma Practitioner

- Aura Soma Essential Training Instructor

- Akasha Sacred Flower Healing Cards Practitioner

- Akasha Sacred Beauty Ambassador

​- Maha Lotus Healer

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