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Your own Rhythm


I have been diving in my own rhythm lately.

Practice my Kundalini Yoga and meditation every day.

To truly feel my cycle and ecosystem within.

A student told me that he was scared to start his business because he was afraid it would be closed down if things are going wrong. “Failure” makes him sad.

I was reviewing how being an entrepreneur myself has been through these 8 years of time.

I found 4 businesses in 8 years and Satya Shanti Temple is my 4th.

Previous 3 were shut.

Of course I felt sad when they were closed but I understand from time to time the reasons why they were closed are not “failure” or I was not “good” enough.

It simply was the structure of those businesses didn’t serve my highest purpose anymore with my growth.

When many people see closed business as “failure” or shame, I see them as my growth and it grounds me as who I am and my truth even more.

Also, without these experience, I don’t think I can manage and operate Satya Shanti Temple the way it is now.

Recently, I am diving in seasons of my business.

Satya Shanti Temple (ie I) has its own season and rhythm.

In the Season of Creation, we are passionate, enthusiastic, excited.

But don’t forget, we still have our Nurturing Season.

Nurturing Season doesn’t mean we are not “productive” but what we produce is different.

In Prosperity Methodology, my students and I are always resolving the belief of not profitable when taking a rest and I am not lying I am still learning.

Nurturing Season is a period for integration and internalisation and this is also a “productivity”. It is the period of a caterpillar getting into a cocoon. It seems nothing happens when we look from outside but in the cocoon, a lot of evolution is happening to prepare it to be a butterfly when the time is ready.

Integration is an important preparation for expansion.

If we only rely on Season of Creation, our bodies and lives are imbalance. So we will find

1. Helplessness

2. Frustration

3. Burnout

4. Futility

5. Inefficient working performance

6. Depreciation of Passion

Nurturing Season doesn’t mean stagnation but it is to acknowledge this is the time that we are integrating what we created and learnt in the past Season.

This is how I always share in my Kundalini Yoga class that we are balancing our whole nervous system including sympathetic and parasympathetic system. Balance means we exercise not only one of them but both so both of them can be flexible and they are available anytime we want them to function.

We all have our own rhythm and seasonal cycle.

To be honest, I am not sure yet how my cycle is.

But with doing my Kundalini Yoga practice every day, I am with my body and flow.

Now, I can realise when I am transitioning the other season and I just don’t know how long it would be (Maybe mine is not a fixed period.) But because I am sure which season I am at, I can manage my work to be compatible with it.

Finally, I wanna say don’t compare your Nurturing Season with your Creation Season.

Life has its cycle. There must be something we are meant to do during Nurturing Season which is different from that in Creation Season. It is just because we are not getting used to be in a Nurturing Season consciously. Or maybe we haven’t seen anyone to show us how a Nurturing Season looks like.

Trust your body and they will tell you all the hints.

Or maybe we are the pioneers.

By connecting and listening to our bodies, we can find our own flow and rhythm.

Live well and this could be a real-life example to show others how Nurturing Season can be.

May we all live well with our own rhythm and truth.

Sat nam












8年間,我一共開過4間公司,Satya Shanti Temple 是我第4間,







再者,如果沒有那些經歷,我並沒有豐富的經驗來運作 Satya Shanti Temple。


Satya Shanti Temple 即是我也有屬於自己的節奏。



Prosperity Methodology 中,我經常遇到學生和自己要和解的是休息便沒有收入,這還是我在學習的。




1. 無力

2. 抓狂

3. 身體崩塌

4. 徒勞無功

5. 工作失誤

6. 自我磨蝕到熱情的事都變得不再熱情了


就像平衡交感神經和副交感神經的道理一樣,恆常的 Kundalini Yoga 課都在做這件事,




只是每天做著自己 Kundalini Yoga 的練習,讓我緊貼著自己的真實和感受,










Sat Nam


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