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Rise above Algorithm

I won’t create my content to fulfill #Algorithms anymore.

I have attended a bunch of marketing courses, implemented it on my own and observed different accounts. Being an #entrepreneur which “relies” on my social media for my business, I have been struggling a lot between how I can create my contents to reach more audience and being honest of what I wanna share. Up till now, I still don’t have an “answer” so I just directly said bye to Algorithm.

What convinces me to do this is I actually get into the limitation if I follow the “rules”. If my authentic self is out of this rule, I rather embrace this me. So, I gave up fulfilling it and I want to focus on me as a Player in the game instead.

"Oh, does it mean we can do whatever we want without following rules? Then, what is the meaning of setting rules?"

This is the key of being human. That is your wisdom and freedom. You have your call.

I don't follow the rules and it doesn't mean I am not responsible to the outcomes of my choice.

Yes. It leads to lower reach, lower engagement or they won't give the feed etc. I totally accept that. 100%.

On the other hand, I doubt if it is 100% leading the outcome as we thought or as whoever said?

I don't know and I am not sure. If there is no certainty, there is always Possibility.

If you have attended my Prosperity Methodology training, I always mentioned the nature of entrepreneurs is seeing Possibility over Stability. Now, as an entrepreneur, I choose my Possibility.

Pluto just left Capricorn. I just realised this Pluto was in my 1st House for the past 15 years approximately. From my A-Level which I had no degree offered because of 1 tiny mistake I had made even if I had good results, I started to think about my why of getting into Uni. In 2012, I stepped into my #spirituality . Then, I went through a lot by running business with different partners and going in and out with different intimate #relationships so I started to know #whoiam by all these fxxked-up experiences. Finally, I run my own business, Satya Shanti Temple, that I truly believe I am capable enough.

Just before Pluto left Capricorn, I decided to jump over the Algorithm, which seems the hidden rules that we can’t live without as an online business entrepreneurs. I would say I proudly complete this being-who-I-am challenge.

It tears my eyes. I have never felt this lightness till I let go. I didn’t realise I shouldered a lot of expectations. It is just because I am getting used to pressure, tolerance and persistence (Capricorn rising mate) which I thought it was natural but it wasn’t free.

I never know where it leads me to and I am a little bit scared as well tbh. But again, I always trust it is the path of alignment. So, what if we just hands off and allow our souls and the Universe connect this for us?

I love you so much like how I do to myself❤️

Always remember

To Live well.

Love from


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這幾年來上過無數的營銷堂,也親身實驗過很多套方法和理論,又觀察過很多不同的account。其實對以社交平台做事業的我來說,這是一個我經歷了長久的掙扎、很難做的平衡。什麼內容、技巧、形式才做到對焦、大家能看見,但又保持自己的真實和being honest呢?我決定不再理會「答案」,直接跟演算法Say bye就好了









有上我Prosperity Methodology的同學應該聽我說過,做自己事業的人nature上我們重視Possibility大於Stability,所以在這刻作為創業者的我依然選擇possibility。

剛剛冥王星已經離開山羊座了,回看自己星盤,原來這顆冥王在過去十幾年來都在我的一宮。嗯,這十幾年由高考成績很不錯但因一個錯手連degree offer都沒有就開始思考人生,到底為何要讀大學。然後2012開始踏上意識的道路,再跟人合伙經營事業及許多親密關係中,吃盡無數的屎,了悟到底我是誰,再走到自己一人創業,創立 Satya Shanti Temple,直到冥王即將離開山羊前的一刻,我決定跳脫網絡世界看似「不能沒有的」潛規則,我想說我又過關了。

Im so proud of myself🥹打到這裏,我眼框也濕了🥹到放手一刻才發現一直扛了很多expectation,很多我以為十分自然但不自在的事,只是因為自己能忍、習慣、能捱(上升山羊的朋友)。



Always remember

To Live well.

Love from


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