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If you have been told you are Spontaneous, you are more than that. 如果你被批評做事三分鐘熱度⋯

If you visit my working space, you will find loads of paper on the floor and different projects are going on.

I am handling 1 million projects at the same time but I never know when they are born.

I was told I am too spontaneous to start projects without finishing them.

But this is actually my flow and rhythm.

Last month I was working on the preparation of Project A but just before it launched, my body stopped me. This month, I am working on Project B instead but I can utilise the preparation work of Project A. You never know how your work is used but it will always pay off.

Our body is always giving signs for us to respond to life. (Disclaimer: You must be able to differentiate the voice from your body instead of your head. Come practice Kundalini Yoga with me to learn how.)

I am learning to let go of the concept of people knowing me better by sharing the same messaging. For example, posting easily comprehensive posts so people can quickly get what I am offering to follow me bla bla bla.

What if this is not my essence? What if my essence is mystery? Obviously, you won't be able to "know" a mysterious person right away, right? But when you are willing to dive deep in what I write, you will find I have clear and consistent core value.

No matter how unclear people think you are but if you are clear enough of what you do comes from your truth, this mysterious you is still grounded enough but not spontaneous like what people think.

The services I am offering and the entry I write now are all aligning to my body responses. It may not be consistent from what you see by surface but I am always consistent to my body responses. We just have different perspectives of consistency. When you go deeper, you can definitely find my essence underneath these spontaneity.

I am not saying it's easy to do but I definitely do it with ease because I don't have resistance when I am doing it.

Embrace your essence. Be authentic. This is your life.

Remember there is only YOU in this world. The World misses a special colour without you living yours.

You are not anyone else.

You are the Colour you are.

You are the Essence you radiate in the World.

Always remember to Live well.

Love from

Satya xx

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上一個月做A project的準備功夫但臨面世前身體剎停了我

然後今個月進行B project時發現能沿用A project的準備資料

身體一直都在給予信號我如何去活和回應生命 (帶定頭盔,前題是你要懂得辨清身體的聲音,建議先來跟我做Kundalini Yoga感受什麼是身體聲音和學習分辨頭腦和身體的聲音)



Eg social media要說簡單易明的信息,來到我profile的人才理解我的服務,所以follow我,然後會有新學生啦 bla bla bla













You are not anyone else.

You are the colour you are.

You are the essence you radiate in the world.

Always remember to Live well.

Love from

Satya xx

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