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Aura Soma Bottle of 2024


We are entering 2024 for a while and I have been diving in the new energy of this year.

I would say Aura Soma Bottle of 2024 is B24.

Violet over Turquoise is the energy of B24, named New Message. The main theme in 2024 is Pluto is entering Aquarius. We are entering a new era. Turquoise personally is the best representation of Aquarius.

Turquoise is the combination of Blue from Throat Chakra and Green from Heart Chakra. It directly means to express yourself from your heart and show up with your essence on Earth.

Showing up with your uniqueness or in your specific way is an expression. Some would express themselves by songs, videos, texts or simply action. Turquoise is also about creativity. So we are expecting creation with diversity in the coming years ahead.

Then what does the violet in the bottle mean?

When we talk about expression, many of us are stuck. I am not an exception tbh. If you are raised by an environment where didn’t support your expression fully like not giving you capacity to be who you are, sharing what you loved, expressing your “weird” yet unique point of view, openly talked about feelings and emotions etc, you will find it difficult to express yourself when you grow up. However, listen, don’t worry. We can practice. Keep practicing. Practice till we master it. Practice it till we express whoever we are without guilt and shame and practicing it till it automatically is built in your genes.

We are ready to transform them this year. How? Keep practicing till we master it. This is Aquarian age. This is Turquoise Era.

Turquoise is also about independence and individualism. Before we can be independent to stand on our own feet to be with the world and community, we need to come back and be with our vulnerability from loving ourselves unconditionally. Even though we are commented as a “weirdo”, we are still who we are. Let go of all the labels and embrace this is my essence. After resolving our pain, we can eventually step out and be with the world. This is the love wisdom supported from Coral, the complimentary colour of Turquoise. The love is given by ourselves. Reconciliation is also a practice. We release the emotions time after time we express ourselves and we keep going till one day, you realised the wound doesn’t hurt anymore. Then, its the time you truly embody the maturity of Turquoise essence by transforming the old you.

Perhaps, my sharing is giving you a New Message of 2024. What is your New Message to the world? I am sure nobody is you and thats your uniqueness. I am looking forward to seeing your New Message in the world.

Fly and soar! Express yourself with courage.

Show the new You up!

Step on the stage of the world with the "new" yet real You!

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B24上層紫色下層藍綠色名為 New Message 的瓶子。2024年最熱哄哄的當然是冥王星進入水瓶座,我們即將邁向一個新時代。我認為藍綠色的特質完全是水瓶座的代表。








可能這篇文章為你帶來了 2024 的 New Message,而你又想給予世界什麼 New Message 呢?我相信你的獨特之處是世界上獨一無二的,我期待能在世界上看見你的 New Message!




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