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What I do in my Nurturing Season


I was noticing closely what my to-dos are during my Nurturing Season. To be honest, I think this is the very first time that I am consciously looking at how I function in my Nurturing Season.

I am not gonna lie that I am still learning and feeling them. Before it, I guess I kept pushing myself to create and initiate all over the seasons so I got burnout. I mistakenly interpreted Nurturing Season is total stop but honestly, it was burnout so I couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t my Nurturing Season. So, I would like to share what I do as an entrepreneur during my Nurturing Season.

1. Doing my Kundalini Yoga and meditation every day

You can do any practice as you like as long as the practice winds you down and get yourself present and grounded. Personally, doing my customised Kundalini Yoga practice is the most effective way as it is focusing on cleansing my subconscious block so I won’t be easily swayed by my ego or fear. This helps me a lot to connect my true rhythm and my pace instead of running myself from my past experience or others’ advice.

2. Integration by writing

I write a lot especially long text recently. I forgot that writing long text is one of my sweetest spots since IG becoming my main channel in my business. I kind of miss this piece of myself that I need longer text to integrate and digest what I have learnt from my spiritual practice and teaching. In this Nurturing Season, I start to write again. I love it. I really do. So, you can do any way for integration. Some of my students love taking and editing video as their expression of integration while some of them love painting to express. Again, as long as that is the right way for you to fully express and integrate, that’s the way for you.

3. Lots of Alone time to deeply connect myself

I think we all know it. But even when we stay home alone, our mind is still running. We still fill our schedule up with to-dos. It happened to me too until last week, on Monday, I finally had a void on the day which means I had nothing to do. Really nothing and it’s quite rare. I finally allow myself not to chase anything. I was looking for anything I can do. Of course there is but I didn’t do. So, I start to read book that I like as leisure and some insight just naturally poured in so I jot down what I am gonna write soon and that’s it. That connection is purely about me and what I like to do without any consequence and consideration.

4. Only engage with closed group

During my Nurturing Season, I realised the format I like to work is small group which is closed and intimate. So, I really love and cherish the time with my private student to support them closely. Even on group class, I also prefer a small group class so I feel comfortable with the people I already know for a certain period of time. I feel so good that my inspiration and guidance are honoured by them fully.

5. Read Books that gives me insight

My Nurturing Season is kind of an integration period so I would love to be stimulated and inspired. I am supposed to be self-inspired but sometimes, when there is stimulation from outside, I can get away from my blindspot which gives me a wonderful AHA moment and it definitely fulfils me a lot. I am currently reading Feel to Heal . Please share with me what books are remarkable for you so I can expand my booklist too!

6. Stop initiating/accepting collaboration

I have received quite a few invitation and collaboration recently and I honestly told them that I am going on my Nurturing Season so I won’t do anything but we can manage it from Dec if this is possible for them. Personally, even I had noticed some collaborators are a good fit, I didn’t initiate until my Nurturing Season is going away.

7. Attend a new training

I didn’t intend to but coincidently, I did enrol a new training during this season. I went on my first Sat Nam Rasayan Training in Italy. It blew my mind and it gave me a new perspective of my spirituality. I realised that attending a new and different training did sparkle me like taking a new breath in. You may want to try attending your teacher’s new training or even try a new teacher. I am still not sure if I want to be a Sat Nam Rasayan healer or not but I am sure it clears and purifies my channel more so my accuracy of sensing client’s subconscious block is greater. So, I think the Subconscious Cleansing Workshop for Prosperity and Be with your Own Rhythm coming up would be a wonderful one.

8. Interacting deeply with my Aura Soma bottle

I am still using my Aura Soma bottle every day well you know when we are busy, we kind of losing deep connection with everything subtle. Aura Soma is very subtle for me. So, in my Nurturing Season, I am aware to interact with my bottle much more. I am currently using B15. The topic that I am diving in which resonates with this bottle is the Balance between Masculinity and Femininity. Let’s see if I would write something about it after finishing my bottle. And I am also planning to do an Intro-talk to share how this tool is assisting my transformation for years later. If you are interested in it, please send me an email and I will add you into my waitlist.

9. Clearing up your previous registration not serving you

I unsubscribe any email not serving me especially those I keep it unread to remind myself that I am going to read it someday sometime but obviously I never did. Then, you probably know they are not serving you anymore at least for now. I also uninstall some app from my phone and computer which I don’t use it anymore so it gives me more storage. Finally, I unplug some course or groups that I don’t connect with. It could be the service is completed or I don’t feel connected with the instructors now. So, I unplug and allow the new one coming in to support me to another level. I am not saying I disconnect them forever. But that’s my truth now and Im open to re-connect whenever I feel the calling again. There’s no big deal.

To conclude, what I have done in this Nurturing Season is to honour my energy more than anything else. I choose what to do and not, how to do, how long I do, when to do and not, who I am with and who I disconnect, what working format I like and not. From these, I can refine my offers, jobs and lifestyle. Personally, this is quite like an Energy check-in as a whole. I hope you enjoy whatever season you are in.

Always remember to

Live well.

Sending all my love to you all

Satya xx













1. 每天恆常練習 Kundalini Yoga 和冥想


個人來說,練習個人化的 Kundalini Yoga 練習 是目前對我來說最有效的,



2. 書寫來整合自己


尤其是由 IG 成為了我事業上主要的 Social Media 開始。







3. 充足的獨處空間


我們依然會為自己安排一系列的 To-do list。


我才發現我很久沒這麼遊手好閒過了 XD

我終於容許自己停止追逐任何 Deadline 和日程。






4. 只進行小班教學


所以,最近我十分享受跟我 1:1 私人學生的空間,緊密的支持他們成長。

就算是 Group Class,我都偏向喜歡人數較少的空間,跟認識了一段時間的學生交流是最讓我感到舒適,當我的教學和智慧能被100%信任的學生所汲取,也是在這趟休養期最滋養我的。

5. 閱讀能啟發腦袋的書


雖然我本來的設計屬自我啟發,但在這個時候,我願意打開自己,讓其他智慧啟發我,這樣會協助我走出盲點而給我一個 Aha Moment 都是令我感到滿足的事。

我最近都在閱讀《釋放創傷,從呼吸開始》,歡迎大家留言跟我分享你的書單,讓我可以擴展我的 Wish list!

6. 暫停合作式的工作






7. 參與新的訓練

我並沒有刻意安排在休養期參加新的訓練,只是我真的在上星期飛往意大利,參加我第一個 Sat Nam Rasayan 訓練。

OMG我腦袋完全被震撼了 lol




我暫時也未確定我會否成為 Sat Nam Rasayan 療癒師,但我相信我的管道會更清空和純淨,所以我對大家阻塞的感知力也會增強。

我相信接著下來的 Subconscious Cleansing Workshop for ProsperityBe with Your Own Rhythm 都會十分棒!

8. 更深地連結 Aura Soma

我每天都在塗抹 Aura Soma 瓶子,但當我們忙碌時,我們會容易忽略細微的變化。

Aura Soma 對我來說是十分細膩的。所以,在休養期,我更覺知地使用我的瓶子,我正在使用 B15,瓶子帶給我的議題是男女性能量的平衡,擦完後再看看有沒有文字給大家分享感受。如果您也想讓 Aura Soma 瓶子支持您的轉化,可聯絡我們選瓶,然後跟我們購買並開始使用。如果想了解 Aura Soma 是一個怎樣的工具,歡迎按此。我將會開放 Aura Soma Session,大家可以留意著我們的動態。

9. 清除不合用的事情

我都在 Unsubscribe 一直擱置的 Email,那些email只是一直來但又一直閒置,這證明這刻都不是我需要的。我也 delete 部分不再使用的 App 騰出空間。最後也離開某些學習群組,可能那些課堂都完成支持我的任務了,或者我對那位老師也感到不太連結了,所以我放下然後讓新的人事物支持我走到下一階段。我不是說這是永遠的決定,但這是我當下的決定而日後有緣份和需要時,我依然抱開放的態度,it is no big deal,因為宇宙會給予我們最適合的。


我認為這是一個Energy Check-in的時間。




Sending all my love to you all

Satya xx

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