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If you want Work-life balance, read this.

My version of work-life balance in my 20s was working hard for 11 months and sit and breathe in the UK for 1 month without doing anything.

When it comes to work-life balance, people would think how we can move our working schedule, including messaging customers during non-business hours, entrepreneurs posting stories all the time for exposure etc, to spend more time with our families and pets, traveling or doing what we like.

After my effort of business building for years, I am now already living in my favourite country, doing my favourite jobs, sharing my profession with my own will and time.

My jobs and workload are decided by my life style and capacity. When I can be fully in charge of my working schedule, should I still need to balance?

When we are 100% connecting who we are, being with our flow, it shouldn't be imbalanced so we need to balance? It is never a problem anymore.

I have been thinking what my new definition of work-life balance is recently. For now, I think my work-life balance means I can work regardless of location. I can work to travel or travel to work without getting bounded by physical location. I can fly to other countries for teaching to share my experience and wisdom.

Indeed, my WORK is already part of my LIFE and vice versa.

We don't need to balance if we are aligned.

If you are still thinking how to balance this and that, I would suggest what about just think what you want in life. Precise and concise. Then, work on it.

These are how Kundalini Yoga and Aura Soma support me to always come back to my truth without being side-tracked by other questions.

When we come back to our present, truth arises. Truth is always our identity, the part of us stands firm without making any noise because if it is true, it doesn't need to prove to people.

Now, may I invite you to take a deep breath and just ask yourself,

"How do you want to live your life?"

Welcome to DM me and share your thoughts and maybe we can work it out together.

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每年努力工作11個月,然後飛英國 sit and breathe 1個月,什麼也不用做。

談到Work-life balance,大家都會想如何把大部分時間從工作、在非辦公時間回覆客戶的信息、創業者要不停更新動態,而騰出更多空間陪伴家人毛孩、做自己喜歡的事、去旅行等等來作出平衡。


有人做好 BTS 的生意系統支持自己做想做的事;


時至今天,我已經居住在夢寐以求的國家了,然後也在做自己喜歡的工作,全然由我去安排工作,彈性且靈活。我在想這是否就是我的 work-life balance 呢?


所以最近都在為自己重新定義所謂的Work-Life Balance到底是什麼。現在我認為我的 “Work-life balance” 是自己的工作可以更跳脫地域界限,可以 Travel to work or work to travel,完全不受地區所限,可以飛到別的國家教學和工作,分享我的知識和經驗,也許現在所謂的 Work 其實就已是 Life 的一部分了。




這些都是 Kundalini Yoga 和 Aura Soma 協助我永遠能夠回到自己的真實,真實一直都在且非常中正的。





❤️Subconscious Cleansing Workshop for Prosperity 我們會做做打開你的inner ear聆聽屬於你的真實alignment

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