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How Flower Gel supports us

Flower Gel 協助我們在日常生活中照顧好自己皮膚和氣場的淨化,每天都要洗澡,如果可以連帶氣場都一併來個大清洗,這何嘗不是非常便利嗎?


🤍White 白色:全能的白色潔淨效果最強。建議新年前後/ 進入混雜環境後/ 想得到完全乾淨時使用。

💗Pink 粉紅色:感受愛與慈悲。任何時候想感受愛就使用粉紅色吧!

💛Yellow 黃色:陽光與融合。有時候我們都需要推動力、需要陽光,想被照耀,然後再成為照耀的一個。

🧡Orange 橙色:修復與堅定。你堅定嗎?想要鞏固內在價值嗎?最近有可怕的事情發生了嗎?橙色可以幫助舒緩情緒及保持內在真實。

🏆Gold 金色:內在豐盛與智慧。釋放掉舊模式,去迎接和接受真實的自己吧!

💙Blue 藍色:藍色支持溝通和保持平安平和,也讓我們能用高角度和中性地看事情。

💚Green 綠色:擴展內心空間,給予方向和自由。綠色能幫助擴展心的空間,支持我們好好回應情緒。

💜Violet 紫色:靈魂的甜蜜、靈性、療癒。紫色幫助轉化,幫助我們與靈魂連結,感受每天的奇蹟。

🩵Turquoise 藍綠色:獨特。你願意展現獨一無二的自己嗎?不甘於被困於社會規限的你,願意走出自己的路嗎? 讓藍綠色成為你的助力。支持你表達從心的自己。

🫒Olive 橄欖綠色:支持你走過苦澀,在苦中沈澱出屬於自己的智慧,發展女性的領導力。橄欖綠色能幫助我們面對和放下。

🔵Royal Blue 寶藍色:內在平靜。內在很多聲音?內在不一定要完全安靜才是平安,有時候聆聽它能更加強直覺。從寂靜接收從宇宙的信息。

🩷Magenta 紫紅色:宇宙的愛。有時感到孤獨不一定是因為身邊沒人愛,而是與宇宙斷聯了,來,用紫色紅跟宇宙重新連結吧。

🪸Coral 珊瑚色:包容與接納。我們都怕露出脆弱的一面,怕被笑怕失去,珊瑚色讓你明白,展現脆弱才是真正的勇者。

🌿如果你喜歡比較中性的味道,可以嘗試 Mineral Seaweed Bath,帶著海藻清新的能量,有如大海般讓你放鬆。一般我很疲勞的時候,使用 Seaweed Mineral Bath 會頓時如釋重負的感覺!



Flower Gel helps a lot in life by not only cleansing our skin but also our aura during shower. If we can take care of them both at the same, how convenient it is?

With the essence of plants, herbs, gems and crystals, they are providing different energy support every day. If you are sensitive to energy, you may find the difference among colours.

🤍White: The most powerful cleansing and purification. We highly recommend you to use it around new year or when you get into a space that you don’t feel good or when you want to deeply cleanse yourself.

💗Pink: Love and Compassion. Whenever you need this loving nourishment, go for Pink.

💛Yellow: Sun and integration. Sometimes, we want some motivation and support from the sun or you want to be lit up, try the Yellow! You will be the one who can light people up by being lit up again.

🧡Orange: Regeneration. Healing from the timeline. Are you feeling solid within you? Have you got shocked recently? Orange is here to help de-frost the frozen emotions so we can be more present.

🏆Gold: Inner wisdom and Prosperity. Release the old structure and embrace the authentic self!

💙Blue: Communition and Peace. It gives us wider and higher vision to see things from the top neutrally.

💚Green: Expand our Heart capacity to cater our emotions. It also gives direction and freedom.

💜Violet: Sweet spot of our soul. Spirituality and healing. Violet helps transformation and connect our spiritual self to experience miracles in life.

🩵Turquoise: Uniqueness and individualism. Are you ready to express your unique self? It is time to let go of all the boundaries from the conditioning of Society. Turquoise is here to assist you to express your true self in your way.

🫒Olive: Support you going through bitterness. Helps you to see what the sweetness behind it. Develops your female leadership. Olive helps us to dive into it to let go.

🔵Royal Blue: Inner peace. Do you have different voices within you? Silence doesn’t always mean peace. But silence leads us to listen to our intuition and all the senses.

🩷Magenta: Universal Love. When we feel alone, it may not because we are not loved but we lose our connection with the Universe, our source. Magenta can re-connect it.

🪸Coral: Vulnerability is strength. It could be scary to be with our vulnerability but Coral here is to assist you to honour your vulnerability and nurture it into your strength.

🌿If you are more into mild flavour, Seaweed Mineral Bath is a good fit. Seaweed brings you a sense of ocean. Whenever I feel exhausted, I always go for the Seaweed Mineral Bath. It just cleanses my tiredness away like being in the Ocean.

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