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Happy Birthday to Vicky Wall


(Original post in English below)

8月20日對靈性彩油Aura Soma來說是一個非常特別的日子。今年是創辦人Vicky Wall 100歲生日。我們很想跟你們分享有關這位女士的故事以及她在每一位接觸靈性彩油Aura Soma的人背後擔當很重要卻鮮為人知的角色。


Vicky Wall一生中致力奉獻她的精神在外科手足醫生的工作,後來她因眼晴失明而退休。她70歲時,開始沈浸於靜心和身心健康的世界而引導她在1987年創造了第一瓶靈性彩油平衡油。


Vicky Wall在創造平衡油時說”突然間,我感到很有活力、快樂,身體疲累的感覺也隨之而消失。然後平衡的概念突然在我腦海升起,在我耳邊低聲響起,真正的平衡是超越靜止狀態。平衡油就此誕生和它真的很美麗。”

瓶子抓住了人們無窮的創意力,這驅使 Vicky Wall 用植物、水晶和顏色的能量創造更多的顏色配搭。但為何某人會選中某一顏色配搭呢?

這是一個令 Vicky 深入研究和鑽研的問題,這也一直在影響著我們進行的諮詢。這無疑讓我們很確定的是我們就是自己所選的顏色。她們是靈魂最真確的窗口。

Aura Soma 的未來

Vicky 在1991年去世,在此之前,她已把Aura Soma 承傳給 Mike Booth,信任他能向世界推廣 Aura Soma。他們認為個人的身心健康和生命力同樣重要,以及需要在地球上創造有意識的變革,確保了 Aura Soma 一直在對的路上,對全球 90 多個國家的人們帶來了正面影響。

Mike 對 Rudolph Steiner 的哲理十分感興趣,尤其是生物動力耕作,已經發現了 Aura Soma 採用了「從泥土到靈魂」的理念,Vicky會十分高興這種理念得以實現。平衡油中很多原材料都是來自 Aura Soma 自家農田 Shire Farm 和結合了最精微的水晶酊劑。

Vicky Wall 的遺產


被不同研究顏色的鼻祖如阿里士多德、帕拉塞爾蘇斯、牛頓、歌德、魯道夫史泰納,Vicky Wall把顏色的智慧貢獻在科技、醫藥和身心健康的領域。




The 20th August marks a very special day for Aura-Soma. It would have been the 100th birthday of Vicky Wall, Aura-Soma’s founder and creator. Here, we tell you the story of this remarkable woman and her silent role in everyone’s Aura-Soma journey.


After dedicating her life to the welfare of others as a surgical chiropodist, Vicky Wall retired due to clinical blindness. At the age of 70, she immersed herself into a world of meditation and wellbeing, which led to the creation of the first Equilibrium bottles in 1987.

The idea came to her one evening, where she worked in her small home laboratory mixing oils, water, herbs and plant extracts to create the first ever version of the dual coloured Equilibrium bottles. She did all of this by feel, guided by instinct.

Come morning, the light radiated through the coloured layers that we are all so familiar with today.

“Suddenly, I felt energised, happy, the physical tiredness I had been feeling lifted. The concept of balance came into my mind, as if it had been whispered – a state of balance that is beyond stasis and which is known as equilibrium. They could be known by no other name. Equilibrium was born and she was beautiful,” Vicky Wall, on the creation of Equilibrium.

The bottles captured the imagination of everyone they came into contact with, inspiring Vicky to create more colour combinations by infusing plant, crystal, and colour energies. But why did someone choose a particular colour combination?

It was this question that saw her conduct extensive research which still influences our Aura-Soma consultations today. It became clear that the colours you’re drawn to, are the colours you need. They are a true window to the soul.


Before her passing in 1991, Vicky handed over stewardship of Aura-Soma to Mike Booth, entrusting him to introduce Aura-Soma to the world. Their shared importance of personal well-being and vitality, and the need to create conscious change on the planet has ensured that Aura-Soma has remained on course, positively impacting people in over 90 countries worldwide.

Mike’s interest in the philosophies of Rudolph Steiner - particularly in the area of biodynamic farming - has seen Aura-Soma adopt a ‘Soil to Soul’ philosophy that Vicky would have been incredibly happy to see brought to fruition.

Many of Equilibrium’s ingredients are now grown on Aura-Soma’s own farm - Shire Farm - and combined with the finest crystal tinctures.

Vicky Wall’s legacy

Vicky’s work reignited interest into the ancient mystery of colour and brought to the forefront once again its effects on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Inspired by pioneers in of colour exploration such as Aristotle, the Roman physician-philosopher Paracelsus, Isaac Newton, Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Vicky Wall contributed to explorations of colour in science, medicine and wellness.

Through Vicky’s work we have learnt that colour is a universal language, with deeply individual meanings – offering keys to who we are, why we are here, and what we need for our greater wellbeing and vitality.

Thanks to Vicky’s work and Mikes continued life of dedication to it, we are all closer to understanding the role colour plays in protecting our aura and becoming the best version of ourselves. Happy birthday Vicky, and thank you for all the good you brought into the world.

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