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B40 - I AM

8月20日是 Aura Soma 創辦人 Vicky Wall 的生忌

Vicky Wall 在 70歲時開始沈浸在靜心和身心健康的世界而引導她創造了第一瓶平衡油

至今 Aura Soma 已踏入第 40 個年頭了

所以我想借今天跟大家分享一下我從 B40 I AM 瓶子得到的智慧

與其說使用 Aura Soma 是一個療癒過程




這就是我的 B40 I AM




你確實錯過了 Aura Soma 為我們帶來所有通往內在智慧的道路











20th Aug is the birthday of Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura Soma.

She created the first equilibrium bottle around her 70s, the time she was into her spiritual world.

This year is the 40th year of Aura Soma.

So, I would like to share my insight when working with bottle B40 I AM with you today.

When some says Aura Soma is a healing journey, for me, it is more on a journey of self-knowing and self-understanding.

We don’t need to be healed but when we are able to see and know ourselves more, we claim back the power to respond, to face, to let go and to change our lives.

This is my B40 I AM.

The gold in the lower fraction is our innate wisdom.

If we always seek guidance outside us, we are actually further apart from who we are.

Even just a bottle, if we put the focus on the bottle itself, we literally miss out the path guiding us to our inner wisdom.

From today, we can direct our power and focus from outer to our inner.

The red in the upper fraction is hot and passionate.

What is even warmer and grounded than uniting our inner truth and becoming one?

What is even more enthusiastic than showing up and sharing this piece of quality of ourselves to the world?

I really, literally love who I am.

I hope you can always acknowledge your unique beauty and wisdom like I do.

We don’t need any approval to be who we are as long as we know this truth wholeheartedly.

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