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B104-Archangel Chamael

There is a lot of separation happening in life.

Honestly, we are okay to separate sometimes without any resentment.

But some are not okay for us.

Separation with other being itself is not suffering.

But the pain comes from separation without expressing ourselves by words, actions or whatever it comes up from our true heart.

This separation can be painful.

It is because our true selves cannot be expressed and exposed which means we actually compromise and do not recognize and acknowledge it.

It hurts us as we chose to separate and isolate our true self.

Expressing our true selves is also a kind of unconditional love to ourselves and after that, we can hold the space to every being expressing their true self as well.

Thats compassion.

We can understand it. We can feel it. We resolve them within us and now we are able to give you the space for you to be who you really are at this moment.

A loving community is built by allowing all different beings to express their own individualism and to blossom on their own beingness. Thats the colours of new-earth community.


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