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Blue - Divinity

Consciously or unconsciously, there is always a purpose of everything including “travel”.

When we are more awake, there is nothing “just travel” but they are all playing a very important role on a specific purpose to our souls and our divinity.

Nevertheless, our divinity is sometimes beyond what our brain can comprehend.

Even though the “trauma” our divinity chooses to create / experience, they are also here for a purpose which helps us to reconnect to the source and expand our capacity to remember.

The “dramatic” dynamic of relationships among human beings, in a sense of divine will, can also be part of the purpose for our capacity of compassion which love is actually beyond physicality. When we can surrender towards our divinity with completely trust and acceptance and simply follow, this makes our divinity sacred.

The quality of blue essence is all about vastness but with “structure” like water in a river. Its free and flowing but with “structure” and a route. We have our free will to choose if we follow or not. But the blueprint is already here with possibility.

Blue is also about communication including giving and receiving. When we share, the energy and information are given out to the world, our common space. Every soul would be able to access what supports them most and the consciousness of the world can grow.

Thats also part of the divinity of communication and sharing.

To make the world conscious and more loving.


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