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B103-Our Light

I have got some messages to share from this wonderful piece of Andara (on the right) and Aura Soma B103 recently I am working with.

The andarian led my way to a well which is rich in pearl essence.

Pearl essence is a very good ingredient to help regeneration.

That is also used in some of the Aura Soma Equilibrium Oil Bottles.

Also, he explained how light language actually works.

There is no “illness” in this Universe indeed.

“Illness” only means there is something out of alignment.

Light language is just here for realignment.

So, actually light language is nothing “magical”.

The key of light language is not what syllables/language you “sing/say”.

It is all about what vibration you are carrying to deliver.

Vibration and vibes will tell whom we are gonna work with or use the light language to or what our next step is.

What we have to do is to be present and centered so that we can really “see/listen/feel”.

We may even know how/what to deliver.

We don’t really need anyone as a guide because we are the guide itself.

It is like we don’t really need a GPRS because we are the GPRS itself already,

as long as we are centered and present.

Then, our own Universe would just show the way brilliantly.



而Aura Soma某幾瓶平衡油都有包含這種材料

Andarian還解釋了Light Language如何運作



而Light Language只協助平衡能量

所以Light Language都不是什麼神奇事

Light Language的重點不在於唱什麼音韻或說什麼語言



會告知我們需要帶Light Language到哪裡或生命當刻下一步該怎麼走







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