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Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency

Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency

It is a Kundalini Yoga meditation.

This practice helps expanding our lungs and our heart muscles to regulate its own.

Lungs expansion would lead to more oxygen getting into our body. Yogi Bhajan said if we have low oxygen in our body, we will easily get sick so this practice definitely helps our immunity which we all are quite concern during this Covid period.

It also helps our kidneys, ardrenals and sex organs quite a lot. Make sure you drink more water after the practice to hydrate yourself.

This specific breathing technique collaborating with the movement of flexing our spines will help opening up our chest area and heart chakra.

You might feel dizzy as there are so much oxygen getting into the body. Always take your time to align your “new” rewiring. You can do it slower or you can even stop for a while if it is too demanding physically and carry on again when you find your body is ready.

Hope you enjoy the practice!

Feel free to share any feedback with me!

I am happy to know!

Before starting the practice, please tune in by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo for 3 times.

Position and posture: Easy pose. Hands grabbing your knees slightly.

Eye focus: Closed and focus on Brow Point

Instructions: Inhale through your nose. Lift your chest and rib cage. Suspend your breath and flex your spines forward and backward. When you no longer hold your breath, spine comes back to centre. Exhale forcefully through your nose.

Time: 11min

And chant 1 long Sat Nam to end.

I am ready to open an English International Kundalini Meditation weekly. Feel free to contact me and we can figure out the time and schedule to start our circle regularly.

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