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Aura Soma + 72 Angel Session

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 2,400 Hong Kong dollars
  • Online or Offline

Service Description

All my Aura Soma session is only opened for waitlist. Sign up at to get notified when doors are open. Aura Soma is a colour system from the United Kingdom. There are 122 bottles like a mirror which is directly connecting to our subconsciousness, bypassing our mind in order to be aware our own belief, feelings and emotions. In an 1-hr 1-on-1 session, you will pick 4 bottles from the shelf. Practitioner will give you a reading from the bottles you pick with a specific theme. It helps clarifying yourself especially from an unconscious aspect of you. By knowing this, you have right to change your behaviour from now on so hence, your life. Together with the name chanting of your Guardian angel, Heart angel and Intellect angel, it activates the connection within you with all the angelic quality. After the session, you are recommended to purchase those bottles you pick to apply on your body. The oil will go to wherever it needs to by your lymphatic system within your body so as to purify and cleanse your energy which is not serving you anymore. So, we have more capacity to choose how we live now. *Bottles are not included in the session fee. 所有 Aura Soma 諮詢只開放給 Waitlist,可到 登記,開放時你會收到第一手資訊喔! Aura Soma 靈性彩油是來自英國的顏色系統。 122瓶油不同顏色的配對就如鏡子一樣,可以直接跟我們的潛意識連結,從而透過瓶子認識自己潛藏的信念、感受、意識等等。 一小時的一對一諮詢中,你將會在櫃前挑選4瓶油,諮詢師會透過你所選的為你解讀並一起探討你想了解內在的部分或主題,協助你看清自己,從而可以重新選擇想過的生命而非潛意識下驅使的行為表現。 配合唱頌屬於你的守護天使、心之天使和智之天使的名字,啟動你內在的天使品質和能量,讓你更能運用其特質和潛能。 諮詢過後,建議你購買那幾瓶油回去塗沫在你的身體。油會經過你的淋巴系統走到該釋放的地方進行淨化,讓是時候離開的能量得以釋放,讓我們多一份選擇當下想如何過的自由。 *諮詢費用並不包含平衡油

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours before the session or treatment. You will be allowed to change schedule once only.

Contact Details

Hong Kong

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