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This is the Reflection Checklist I discussed with my husband.

You will be given different questions to reflect in terms of Personal aspect, Finance, Career/Business and Travel.

These are our 4 main themes in our lives.


You can do it on your own or with your friends/partners.
It is very helpful for both of us to acknowledge what we have done great and what we could improve.


I suggest you to spend an afternoon to dive in these.
Get a journal if you are doing it on your own.
Talk and share with your partner/friends when doing the reflection.

Sharing is also inspiring becaues it gives your permission to be seen and heard.


Feel free to share your experience with me on IG @satyashantitemple or just simply tag me so I can re-post and share this wonderful experience with our community.

Year-end Reflection Checklist (Chinese)

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