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Clients Speaking - Testimonials

Janet  (Hong Kong)

I am very new to kundalini yoga, and also new to any form of bodywork/energy work and I’m so grateful that I have crossed paths with Satya where she provided such a beautiful space for all of us to go through this 6-week rebirth and reborn journey together. When I first joined the workshop, I wasn’t quite sure why I felt called to join, but as each week progresses, I realized it was exactly the support I needed to go through my own transformation. What I especially appreciated was Satya’s authentic and loving energy and the thoughtfulness she put into designing this program. Her voice showed care, and all her actions showed attentiveness. It was all of this combined that made all of us feel that any emotions were allowed, any responses were “normal”, and any pace was just fine. As much as Satya is a teacher, I felt that she was a loving companion that walked alongside us every step of the way. I’m grateful that universe sent me her way and I’ll definitely be joining more of her workshops!

Maggie (Hong Kong)

Heightened awareness and uncovering of tendencies. I enjoyed the Aura-Soma Golden Thread session and I am looking forward to using the products.

Leesoo  (Korea)

Although I had already experienced Aura-Soma, thanks to your golden thread session, I'm more connected with my Aura-Soma journey. In addition, I am discovering a deeper layer of myself. It's a really interesting experience and I feel comfortable that I have someone who is connected with my Aura-Soma journey! I'm happy with using Aura-Soma bottles that reflect me in daily life and the golden thread definitely has supported me a lot to be closer with Aura-Soma! When it comes to Satya’s Kundalini Yoga session, It is such a strong and powerful energy work.  On the next day of the session, Satya checked my condition both in the morning and in the evening. Additionally, I got follow-up messages about how I can settle this practice in my daily life. (Sharing chanting lyrics, kriya practice, music playlist... It's all very helpful to keep energy working!) I do feel that the journey with Satya boosted me to discover myself faster to become the light.

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