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What is spirituality?

Updated: Jan 16

What is spirituality for me?

Who says entrepreneur can't work for others?

Who says a spiritual person must meditate?

Who says healing practice means spirituality?

Who actually gives us these labels?

Then what is spirituality anyway?

A few days ago, I was sharing one of my favourite public speakers to my husband.

He asked, who is this guy? Is he a spiritual person?

I pondered over this matter. How can we identify a spiritual person? Who on Earth is defining these labels?

During my 10-year self-discovery journey, I have been encountering lots of spiritual classes, workshops, teachers, students, people who work in this industry etc. For me, no matter what technology, modality or tools we are acquiring, spirituality is here to teach us to live well.

Me as an example, I am practicing Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis to cultivate the wisdom for me to live well. Doing meditation balances my emotion so I am calmer to deal with different people in my life and how I can deal with ups and downs on my business at ease. Also, I am using Aura Soma as my daily nourishment to release all not-self so I can access my true essence without comparing with others. I can only focus on what I am good at and who I am.

Somebody does physical exercise to cultivate determination so he can cope with adversity.

Somebody cooks to practice how to treat the body well with proper nutrition and diet.

Somebody provides coaching session to find out the root of stress and alleviate them to improve the relationships with their family.

You can definitely change the subject matter to any activity. The purpose of them all is to help us to live well, to eat well, to walk well, to treat our loved ones well and to do our job well.

Osho said that meditation doesn't mean we close our eyes and breathe. As long as we pay 100% attention on a certain activity, it is a meditation. Swimming is a meditation. Cooking is a meditation. Dancing can also be a meditation.

Personally, whether you have learnt any spiritual tool or not, you can also live well.

Tools are just a doorway for you to learn how to live well.

Why spirituality is so popular in this era? It is just because it's time for our humanity to learn how to treat ourselves better and focus more on ourselves. It is that simple.

If you ask me what I am teaching. I would say I am here to share what I am practicing teaches me to live well and how I got inspired in my life. Coincidently, we met. You simple get what you want from me and I share how I live with my essence.

So, spirituality means to live well including living the life you want, embracing your passion, treating the people around you with love, eating well, respecting people, taking good care of your body etc.

These are the biggest wisdom which spirituality offers us. It won't stop after you finish a course. The journey is life-long and ever-changing like how our souls incarnate life after life.

Thanks for tuning in and it is my honour to be part of your journey.

Always remember to 

Live well.

Love from

Satya xx

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Always remember to

Live well.

Satya xx

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