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How we deal with Trauma 我們如何和好創傷

Updated: Sep 26, 2023






我明白我們都很想「逃離」創傷的感覺,因為有時真的too much,但我們可以選擇承認自己未能接受,接受自己未能接受也是一種接納,我們也可以選擇暫停、放慢,而不好拒絕或逃離,或誤以為自己已完成而其實是對自己不誠實或來自我們的期望。在整個過程最重要是慢下來和不用催迫自己,對自己100%坦白,給予自己一生(或更長)的時間去和好,帶著這個態度,終有一天我們發現傷口已經不知不覺間痊癒,回到合一,回到愛,回到光中。

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*Please be informed that this content includes some traumatic experience in intimate relationships.

If you feel comfy with it, welcome to keep on reading.*

Witnessing a relationship from falling in love, separation due to conditioning, discovering that it actually violated our heart, trying to get back together, failure, regret, healing, learning to forgive ourselves, healing again, letting go, unfinished part unfolding in life unintentionally, healing, letting go, feeling helpless, similarity from new people we meet, hidden parts of emotion unfolding again, seeing the other person let go already and we are still the one who have expectations in that relationship, letting go, and finally reconciled successfully spiritually, returning to neutrality without expectation, to truly becoming two independent individuals without conditions.

This is a journey, a journey that can never be predicted how long it will take to "complete". Every trigger is an opportunity to unveil a hidden part of us. It is an opportunity to let go.

If you have also experienced any trauma, whether it is an intimate relationship, sex, betrayal between friends, grief from death, any unpleasant pregnancy, power struggle, distrust of human beings etc., as long as the situation is traumatic to you, please give the longest time and the most gentle tenderness for ourselves because this is not a "plan" that can be estimated when it will be completed. Let go all the thoughts of "when will it be over".

I understand that we all want to "escape" from the feeling of trauma because sometimes it is too much. However, we can choose to admit that we are not fine. Accepting we not accepting is already an acceptance. Or we can choose to pause and slow down but just don’t escape or mistakenly thinking that we have finished which may come from dishonest to ourselves or from the expectation we wish to be. The most important thing in this whole process is to slow down and not to push ourselves. Be 100% honest and give ourselves a lifetime (or more) to get along with it. I am sure with this attitude, we will find that the wound has been healed one day and we all are back to unity with love and light.

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